Escape Plan - Sample-based hip-hop beat tape

Coming back to a hobby with a redefined vision is one of the most gratifying feelings I’ve experienced.

Before I picked up programming, I loved dabbling with different electronics to express creativity. This included devling into photography, filmmaking, DJing, and music production. However, the idea of producing music on a computer scared me the most. I’ve always been picky with the style of music I consume and I imagined it would take me years to create a sound I considered to be relatively good.

I learned some production basics in a Rutgers class called Making Music with Computers I took during my senior year in 2018. The coursework taught DAWs (namely Cubase) and the vocabulary, process, and history behind capturing instrumentation within the software. Although the course expanded on Cubase, the material was easy to translate to other DAWs, such as Logic, especially with the help of an Akai MPK Mini I used.

In October 2019, I finally devoted massive bouts of my free time to create music for myself. After brushing up on the basics, I sought to improve my workflow by introducing Maschine which eventually became the driving force of all the production I did. Chopping up samples, adding in drums, experimenting with keys/synths, playing in a bass layer - everything became a breeze. Once shelter-in-place went into effect in NJ/NYC for COVID-19, any and all of my free time went into some phase of this workflow. And after five long months of consistent practice, I’m proud to release a 7-track beat tape called Escape Plan.

This project is backed by countless hours of finding the perfect sounds and collaborating with some good friends, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. With time I began to improve my workflow, open my mind to different music, and learn more about the experiences fellow producers have had. A big shout out goes out to everyone that helped bring this project together, this project would not have been possible without those that pushed me forward and gave me feedback around the clock.