About Me

I’m currently a student at Rutgers University studying Computer Science, Informatics, and Philosophy. At Rutgers University, I help out with HackRU, a 24-hour student hackathon, and RuMAD, Rutgers University Mobile App Development Club. Recently, I've been working to start a Data Science Club at Rutgers!

I first got into programming writing JavaScript popup messages to annoy every Internet user ever. This eventually led to my passion for how things work. During high school, I created the Computer Science Hub, a room for constant programming help and after-school club for learning more about software engineering, and a competitive VEX Robotics team. On the weekends I enjoyed traveling to New York City to help put CoderDojo and CodeDay together.

Aside from teaching programming, I’ve held some internships in New York City and worked on a couple interesting projects. I spend my free time reading, dancing on the Rutgers Bhangra team, and collecting vinyl records.



Betadrop is an iOS application that makes it easy for individuals and teams to get detailed feedback on difficult decisions.


Connect Four is an iMessage application of the zero-sum game built using matrix traversal operations and MessageKit.


Hoot is an iOS application that lets students broadcast questions about classes and coordinate study groups.


SmileOn is a Ruby on Rails web application that records your happy moments and aims to get rid of personal anxiety and depression.